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【初次配戴】隱形眼鏡推介:One Day & 月Con推薦及價錢

【First Wear】Contact Lens Recommendation: One Day & Monthly Con Recommendations and Prices

With so many contact lens brands on the market, how should we choose? This article explains the features and favorite recommendations of each contact lens to help you find the most suitable one day con! Click now to learn more!
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2021 上半年 COLOR CON 熱賣排行榜

COLOR CON best-selling rankings in the first half of 2021

All girls in Hong Kong like to wear COLOR CON, especially during the epidemic, when they have to wear masks every day, eye makeup has naturally become the focus of daily makeup. If you want to make your partner's eyes look bigger and more energetic, a pair of natural-looking COLOR CON is really important. Adding eye makeup and curved eyelashes can definitely make you look naturally charming even when wearing a mask. The charm. Want to buy back a pair of COLOR CON, but don’t know where to choose? This time we will introduce to you the 5 most popular and best-selling COLOR CON in the first half of 2021. Not only are the effects natural and comfortable, but all of them are daily disposables, which are convenient and hygienic, and they are perfect for those who are greedy and lazy. You!
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[Daily versus bi-weekly disposable] 3 top CON contact lens selection tips to help you choose the right contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses, you will definitely be worried about choosing the best CON brand. In addition to buying COLOR CON and booking transparent CON, I also want to buy Day CON and booking two-week CON. Daily disposable contact lenses are disposable, convenient and hygienic, but the unit price is relatively high; a pair of two-week disposable contact lenses can be used for two weeks, which is very durable, but they need to be cleaned and maintained every day. In fact, before buying a CON, in addition to price and convenience, there are many other factors to consider! Want to know more about where you can find a pair of CON that is just right for you? Take a look at the following 3 tips for choosing CON!
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Hong Kong online contact lens store

Contact lenses are a daily necessity for many people. If you can order them online, you can save the time of visiting an optical store. USKO OPTICAL, an online contact lens store, fully understands the needs of Hong Kong people. Since 2013, it has launched an online contact lens purchasing service, allowing you to easily purchase contacts at home at affordable prices, which is very suitable for busy people.

Our online specialized contact lens dispensing store has a wide range of well-known contact lenses for you to choose from, and allows customers to receive contact lenses at the cheapest price. We provide different types of contact lenses, ranging from farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism, progressive presbyopia and various Color Con cosmetic contact lenses. We also stock daily and monthly disposable cones of various degrees and arcs from different brands to cater to the needs of different people. All products are manufactured and imported from the United States, South Korea and Japan, and are 100% original and genuine, which is your absolute guarantee of confidence. In addition to ordering con, our online store also provides eye drops and other related products, providing customers with one-stop service.

USKO provides customers with simple and convenient eye examination services through simplified fitting methods, allowing customers to safely and quickly order the required and suitable contact lenses and products. Anyone who purchases contact lenses of any brand over HK$500 in a single order can enjoy free SF door-to-door delivery service, which is convenient and fast. We also have a store in Mong Kok to facilitate customers to purchase or pick up goods. If you want to get your lenses safely at the cheapest and most favorable prices, USKO’s online contact lens store is your best choice. Shop now.

If you have any questions about online ordering, please feel free to contact us for enquiries.

Eye examination service

USKO has partnered with Ocean Eyewear to provide eye examination services; make an appointment now

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