ROHTO PRO Eyedrop 15ml

ROHTO PRO Eyedrop 15ml

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Eye Drops | 15ml



Eye Drops | 15ml
  • Long-term computer use • Rohto PRO eye drops contain yellow vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and other active ingredients, which can help promote the metabolism of eye cells;
    • Relieve eye discomfort caused by using computers, smartphones or watching TV;
    • Comfortable and cool feeling, instantly replenishing energy for eyes;
    • Effectively eliminate eye fatigue, eye discomfort caused by ultraviolet light or other strong light stimulation, conjunctival congestion and blurred vision caused by excessive eye secretions;
    • It can also prevent eye discomfort and itching caused by swimming, dust and sweat.


    Apply 4-5 times a day, 1-2 drops each time


    Avoid accidental use by children. Do not use it after one month after opening. Avoid contamination during use. The medicine in the bottle is for external use only.

    Storage method

    Please store in a cool place.

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