DELIGHT Nova 1Day Disposable Color Contact Lenses

DELIGHT Nova 1Day Disposable Color Contact Lenses

Sale priceHK$230.00

Daily Disposal | 30 tablets/box
Curvature: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.2mm

Order goods: about 3 working days
*It is recommended that anyone get an eye exam before purchasing and wearing contact lenses.



BC (radians):

BC (radians)



Wearing mode Throw away every day
Lens material 58% Polymer (Hefilcon A)
radian 8.6mm
Moisture content 42%
colorless optical zone 6.5mm
Lens design Internal and external aspherical design (HD effect)
moisturizer Hydration PLUS (Hyaluronic Acid)
diameter 14.2mm
Lens thickness 0.06mm@-3.00DS
degree range Flat light
-0.50DS, -1.00DS to -6.00DS (in 0.25 a step)
-6.50DS to -10.00DS (in 0.5 a step)
Lens color Dark brown, charming brown, dark brown, dark brown
Packaging specifications 30 pieces/box

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