RHOTO C3 Softone Moist Contact Lens Care Solution 500ml

RHOTO C3 Softone Moist Contact Lens Care Solution 500ml

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MPS | 500ml
  • • Highly efficient sterilization and disinfection function up to 99.9%;
    • Long-lasting moisturizing factor effectively keeps lenses moisturized and soft;
    • OneTouch bottle caps and the first inverted storage glasses case greatly reduce the growth of bacteria caused by improper use and handling.
    - Added mint ingredient L-menthol, refreshing and refreshing


Before caring for your glasses, please wash your hands and rub the lenses with care solution, and soak the contact lenses for 4 hours or more. Change the care solution in the contact lens case every day.


Do not drink the product after using it within one month after opening. If your eyes feel discomfort after using the product, please take off your glasses immediately and seek medical attention immediately. It may take time to get used to the cold feeling after the first use. If you feel persistent and strong stinging, it is recommended to stop using it.

Storage method

Please store in a cool place.

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