Return Policy

After all orders are submitted, they cannot be canceled, 
the model, degree, curvature, or quantity can not be replaced,
and no cash refund will be set under any circumstances
(excluding out-of-stock or quality problems).

Before opening the product, please check that the style, color, degree and quantity of the product are correct. 

If the above information does not match the order record, please contact us within 7 days to arrange for a replacement. Overdue is invalid.

Products that accept returns:
- The goods must meet the conditions for secondary sale, including the product box is intact and not damaged or stained.
- The goods have been confirmed to have quality problems.

We will not be able to assist with returns or exchanges in the following cases:
- The product received more than 7 days (subject to the logistics status data);
- Products that have been opened;
- Damage caused by improper use of the product, including but not limited to excessive heating, man-made damage, etc.;
- Believes that the specifications of the product are not suitable, but the information listed on our website is correct;
- The product was shipped correctly according to the order, but the color or eye finish of the product was not as you expected/not wanted.
- Products not sold by USKO OPTICAL.

Return procedure:
1. Please take a picture of the product in question first. If you suspect any quality problem, please keep the lens in question for the manufacturer to inspect.
2. Email the following information (name, order number, product name, contact number and relevant photos) to or WhatsApp to 95435355
3. Our customer service officer will contact to confirm the return and exchange matters.

- Please choose a reliable shipping method (such as registered mail or SF Express) for returns. USKO OPTICAL will not be responsible for the loss of the goods during the return or exchange.
-Unless the manufacturer has determined that it is a quality problem, the opened product will not accept replacement or refund.
-If part of the item in the order is returned, it will be calculated at the original price per box.
- Coupon discounts on the original order, as well as shipping and handling charges already charged, are non-refundable.
- All gifts are not refundable or exchangeable.
-Only one return or exchange can be arranged per order.
-The buyer may be responsible for the return shipping fee for the return or exchange.
-Under normal circumstances, only products of the same style and degree are accepted for return.
- If there is any dispute, USKO OPTICAL will reserve the final decision to return and exchange the goods.