Although contact lenses can be used in almost any case, but USKO suggest that you can choose a specific time to wear different glasses, such as wearing framed glasses when using computer, books, work wear glasses for a long period of time; wearing contact lenses or wear three-dimensional glasses, sunglasses when having exercise. You can also make some changes based on your costumes and occasions.

Yes, you just need to go to any of the stores and provide your registered phone number, you can pick up or check the order situation.

Of course you can. Astigmatism is due to the a rough and bending cornea, vision will become blurred in any distance, is a very common vision problem in Hong Kong. And the major brands of contact lenses have investigate for that,  a number of product had been introduced, help to solve the problem of astigmatism effectively.

Theoretically can wear daily disposal contact lenses even if you have sensitive eyes. Although some contact lenses will make hay fever, seasonal allergies and other discomfort become more serious, but most of the daily disposal contact lenses can solve the problem of allergies, diagonal. Daily disposal contact lenses can give you a fresh and clean experience every day. Please contact your doctor and optometrist for other details.

During exercise, framed glasses often affect your vision, and even your overall flexibility; and the eyes have been hit and shift. Under the wet / cold environment, the glasses will become foggy. Even when your face is sweat, the glasses are easy to slide down or shift which is distracting.
Contact lenses from USKO will not have the above problems, regardless of exercise or daily circumstances, can provide a stable and clear vision effect, and vision no longer be "framed" and "bordered".

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Contact lenses care are as follow:

- Use a specific cleaning disinfectant every night to remove dust from the lens
- After using hydrogen peroxide for disinfection, the lens must be neutralized before wearing
- Regular removal of protein every four weeks
- Avoid wearing overtime or during sleep
- Cannot wash the lens with tap water
- Contact lenses should be regularly cleaned and replaced
- Users should not remain long nails, to avoid damage to contact lenses
- Keep a lens case when you go out
- Contact lenses should be placed in a cool place

Method of cleaning contact lenses can refer to the following short film:


Before removing the contact lenses, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water. Rinse and dry hands, try to reduce the moisture content into the contact lenses. In addition, develop the habit to remove and wear contact lenses starting from the same eye. Reduce the chance of accidental wear.

1. standing in front of the mirror, especially in the early use of contact lenses.
2. Look up
3. Raise the upper eyelid with the forefinger.
4. Use the middle finger to pull down the eyelid.
5. Use the index finger and thumb gently squeeze the lens, and pull the lens down from the eyes.
6. Place the lens on the palm of the other hand, and then clean it.

For the method of wearing / removing stealth, refer to the following video:

Five brief steps to wear contact lenses

Before start wearing contact lenses, keep in mind that you just keep your contact lenses close to your eyes, so that contact lenses are smoothly attached to the surface of your eye to help you see clearly.

1. Wash your hands. Do not bring any dust, bacteria or cosmetics to the contact lenses to avoid irritating your eyes. Rinse and dry hands. To prevent any unnecessary material to the eyes.
2. Wear from the same eye every time. Distinguish clearly between left and right eyes contact lenses, cannot be exchanged. If you usually use your right hand, so start to wear from the right eye, and vice versa. Please turn this into your habit.
3. Be careful to take out contact lenses. Place the lens on the index finger. And confirm that the lens is like a bowl with the arc up. After clean by contact lens care solution, you can wear them.
4. Use your hands that did not pick up contact lenses to open the eyelids and gently put in the contact lenses.
5. Blink, look at the mirror. If you feel good, it is already finished.

For the method of wearing / removing stealth, refer to the following video:


In fact, the time on cleaning the contact lenses spend is not more than the time to clean the framed glasses. However, contact lens must be sterile under disinfection syrup, cannot be mixed with other liquids, including tap water. If you want to skip the cleaning process, you may consider daily disposal contact lenses. You may dispose daily after use. It is not necessary to clean every day.

Number of people wearing contact lenses every day with few accidents, if you purchase genuine products through a reliable retailer and with a reasonable use of product description, contact lenses are save to use.

Make sure to wear the contact lens before make up, remember to avoid the oil and other substances get into contact lenses; remember to wash your hands before touching contact lenses should, try not to use a strong hand sanitizer and to ensure to rinse to avoid bringing excess material to contact lenses.


USKO recommend to use daily disposal contact lenses when doing exercise, besides daily replacement, you wear a pair of new lens before starting the game/match in order to have the best vision in sports, if lenses lost/ fall on the ground, you can also replace them with other new pair of lenses immediately. 

General symbols:
-SPH / PWR / D = power of myopia (-, negative); hyperopia (+. Positive)
-CYL = astigmatism
-AXIS = astigmatic axis (angle) (10-180 degrees)
-ADD = power of presbyopia
-BC = base curve

Moisture content refers to the water containing in soft contact lenses, as a percentage of the weight of the lens, for example, the lens moisture content of 50%, means the half of the weight of the lens is moisture. The moisture content of soft lenses generally between 38 % to 78%, the higher the water content of the product said the better oxygen permeability, but the thickness of lens will also be increased. Contact lens manufacturers usually use high moisture content or ultra-thin lenses to improve the oxygen permeability of the lens. But in any case, USKO recommends that customers should not wear soft lens more than fourteen hours a day , and should not wear lens during sleep.

USKO provides a number genuine contact lenses of different brands from different countries of, and our products are soft contact lenses (known as "soft mirror") and soft mirror can be divided into traditional and disposable. The traditional means those with life expectancy from about six months to half a year. Disposable lenses can be divided into monthly, every two weeks, every week or even daily dispose. Customers should note that all soft glasses, except the daily disposal, need to be clean daily.

Customers must pay attention to the lens base curve when buying contact lenses. Lens base curse must be similar to the user's cornea so the cornea can get enough oxygen and function normally. Be careful of that too loose or too tight lenses may cause harm to the eyes. Too loose lenses will blur the user’s vision or feeling uncomforted and too tight lens or overtime wear will make the cornea hypoxia, causing corneal edema or vascular proliferation.

In order to provide consumers with a cheapest price, part of the product package are removed and sent back to the manufacturers to get a more affordable price. You can check the authenticity according to the product number or QRCODE shown on the package of contact lens, all products sold by USKO are absolutely genuine.


USKO accepts orders from all countries and regions. Courier costs will be paid by receivers.

When you complete the order, our customer service specialist will notify and confirm you by e-mail, and inform you with arrival notice and picking time by phone or Whatsapp.

The general shipping time slots are as follow:

- Mail / Registration: 3 working days (1 day order + 1 day)
- Delivery: 2 working days (1 day order + 1 day)

** Please note that more days are required when ordering some products (astigmatism glasses, or non-stock goods), staff of USKO customer service department will inform you earlier for special arrangements.

USKO is one of the largest supplier of multiple mainstream contact lens brands (including ACUVUE, Bausch & Lomb, etc.), and we have maintained a good business relationship with many manufacturers over the years, and contact lenses from USKO is committed from many ways to avoid additional cost, so we are able to sell the genuine products with a low price.